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- Apr 13, 2012-

Star Furniture: from "manufacturing" to "create" the road of transition   Taizhou TV video report:http://www.576tv.com/CFolders/cmain/tztv1/tztv1news/1204/120515-127032.shtml

  Speak of "made in China", many people will think we manufacture industry's prosperity and in foreign markets with high visibility, however, can not be denied is the "made in China" the words in a certain extent is also branded OEM imitation, creative low label. Create and create, although one word, but it represents the two extremes of high level and low level in the industrial chain. Zhejiang Granville Furniture Co., Ltd. is to us shows such a from the "manufacturing" to "create", from the low-end to high-end transformation.

Into the star furniture products exhibition hall, we were attracted by the chair in front of every hue. PC plastic chairs, with different shapes of upholstered chairs, and publicity chair the concept of individuality and fashion, a small chairs here playing a big pattern. Enterprises are responsible for the people, especially to we recommend in front of the wooden chair, it is concise and easy, there does not seem to be anything special, but with the traditional chair for comparison, we found the back of the chair was a semi arc curved wooden architecture, and wood but no splicing traces, person in charge, this is called the whole wood bending technology, through special processing, no splicing a stiff wood can be achieved naturally bend, and this technique fill the domestic blank, reached the international advanced level. In addition to the technical lead, chair of the design concept and creative, this is called "one hundred chair", its original idea from the hundreds of cloth, a piece of waste cloth after cutting combination became a fashion warm chair, saving and environmental protection.

We note, such ideas and innovation in Granville products everywhere, the person in charge behind the team work frankly not.

Hong Yinglun, from Singapore, Granville furniture distinguished design director, speaking of creative concept and the British Hong first to we introduce from the a new term "design management".

Zhejiang Xingwei office furniture manufacturing Co., Ltd. design director Hong Yinglun: "a good design is to have a good market, must to the idea of the boss, the business sector ministries and their perception cumulative, after the review we only design positioning down, from concept to proofing, production, packaging, we are one, the whole process is perfect to do it."

In Granville, there are 10 more many foreign experts like Hong Yinglun, they come from all over the world, and the enterprise long-term cooperation, in design, marketing, and management for the enterprise to bring the latest trends and ideas. In recent years, starwise every year will launch nearly a hundred kinds of new products, "new materials, new design, new technology" has become Granville unremitting pursuit.

Zhejiang Xingwei office furniture manufacturing Co., Ltd., general manager of Ye Genlin: "our annual words (output value of 5%) with high and new technology, the new product development, this investment sounds is considerable call, but we slowly profits improve, should be said to be ideal, put into words what should say is worth more."

Have insisted on the return, after years of development, Xing Wei furniture has become the city's furniture industry leading enterprises, the output value is also an increase of 15% per year, in 2011, the company was successfully elected as executive director of the Chinese Furniture Association, the right to talk in the industry is further enhanced. Review companies through these years, general manager Ye Genlin said, the stars Granville Road of development is not smooth sailing, in the establishment of the enterprise at the beginning of, they and many other enterprises as experience over a bottleneck period.

Zhejiang Xingwei office furniture manufacturing Co., Ltd., general manager of Ye Genlin: "our original words, to set up factories and set up factories, in order to receive orders and orders, customer call, you do what you give him what to produce, such words independent brand forever developers not to come out, now ideas that we change the, Chinese manufacturing change for Xingwei create this route. We do a strong real economy, relying on our team building, relying on our new product development, and only constant innovation to have sustained development."

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