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Star Furniture: From ”traditional Manufacturing“ To ”creative Wisdom Made“

- Sep 28, 2012-

Plastic chairs, in the eyes of many people are low-grade products. But Zhejiang Xingwei office furniture manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the production of plastic chairs, price is a common plastic chairs dozens or even hundreds of times, because they sell is not a product, but the "creative". When other furniture companies are low-end market is increasingly squeezed and battered, Granville furniture already quietly completed the transformation of its. Facts have proved that the transformation of the success of it from the furniture industry chain, smile curve of the top.

In 22 years the road of entrepreneurship after three transformation

Star Granville in the furniture field cultivated already 22 years, from a common local furniture manufacturing plant to grow as a family in the international furniture industry plays an important role of the vitality of enterprises. That Mister Ye Genlin. This is mainly due to start on the road three times active transformation. 

1989 is the Granville furniture the start of the year, start doing accessories, products is also very simple, mainly in the production of office chairs "caster". Aware of the single accessories products are very difficult to withstand market test of long-term, 1991, starwise began actively for the first time transformation, namely the parts at the same time, involved in the finished furniture market. At that time, the main use of leather, sponge materials, such as the production of the entire office chair. 
the first successful transition and opened the Xingwei followed for up to ten years of rising channel, "Granville chair has become Taizhou household brand. Brilliant time, once occupied the Taizhou office chair Market 1/4. 

business slowly walked on the right track, but Ye Genlin did not stop the pace. He often runs abroad, to the exhibition, learn to walk. In 1996, when Italy saw the world's first plastic chair, Ye Genlin's inspiration was immediately excited. He thought that his hometown Huangyan is the hometown of plastic mold, with plastic instead of leather, sponge to make a chair, not easy to wear and not easy to aging, but also recycling and reuse, why not use the local advantage to produce plastic furniture? 
overcome many technical difficulties, in 1997, the first batch of starpower designed by the advent of plastic chair. Today, although there are a lot of defects, but at that time, this new product distribution to Southeast Asia, immediately caused a warm response to the market, but the profit margin increased by 3 times than the original leather chair. Tasted the sweetness of Ye Genlin's determination to make a firm decision to make plastic chairs. This process is Ye Genlin himself summed up as second star transformation. 

in the face of the huge market returns, Ye Genlin is not lost in the joy of direction. He firmly believes that only continuous innovation in order to continue to develop." After market for more than ten years of toil, Ye Genlin gradually to the furniture industry have more sober understanding: as a kind of fashion, the future furniture industry will no longer confined to the price competition, own brand and creative LED soft power, is the king of competition. 

identified this truth, Xingwei decided to set their sights on international, production containing art high additional value of the new home and office desks and chairs. The company invested huge R & D funds, and in 2003 began to recruit international famous designers engaged in new product design. Along with a series of bright color, modeling chic crystal tables and chairs, leisure chairs, bar tables and chairs, swivel chair and all kinds of fashion sofa success launch, starwise gorgeous completed the transition for the third time. < br / > from parts to finished, to be creative, experienced three active transformation, Granville furniture from small to large, from weak to strong, and gradually grow as the leader of the domestic furniture industry. At present, Granville has three production bases in Huangyan, Anji, Shanghai, employees a total of more than 1300 people, 2011 annual output value reached 4.5 billion, which Huangyan base output value of 2.5 billion yuan, products successfully sold to Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and other countries and regions, more than 60. 

creative design gives brand strong vitality 
into Granville furniture products exhibition hall, you will feel like into the palace of art. A lap down, found that each of the original exhibition hall has a unique theme, each chair has a story behind. Coupled with the design of light, atmosphere, the creation of human temperament, the entire exhibition hall is not a simple single furniture display, but the overall presentation of the creative culture of furniture. This exquisite "garden", it is rare elsewhere. 
here, the shock of the visual and creative impulse everywhere. The bench can not be round, or even no feet, the impression that you imagine all the broken; the chair of the triangle, to its center axis for 90 degrees rotation, twist into a similar object, can call it stool, also can call it tea table; some chairs, each are full of dynamic design, but can also be fitted with each other, forming a beautiful petals shaped sofa chairs, or color rich table; 26...... 

amazing creative strength comes from behind the strong design team. In addition to having a more than 30 professional design team, Granville also leveraging the brain, with a number of internationally renowned part-time team, such as Taiwan's top furniture designers Xu Zhaoming, Malaysia cutting-edge furniture designer Philip, marketing guru Sam in Singapore and Singapore well-known designer David etc.. For some well-known designer of fashion design, starwise uses a to buy a way to obtain a copyright, has bought 30 multinomial. 

for new products, new designs, R & D, starwise hesitate to invest heavily: 8-10% of the annual output value of all for R & D and design costs. Today, Star Granville company received a total of 309 patents, of which invention 5, utility model 15, appearance design 289, was awarded the title of "patent demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "Granville" "SDAWY" two trademark was rated as famous trademark of Zhejiang Province. Hundreds of new products launched a strong design team every year, when other companies are still how to imitate the Granville products and pains, for Xingwei, original products early Continue to improve the innovation ability of the Granville calmly boarded the international booth: on the exhibition of these top Dubai International Furniture Exhibition, Cologne Furniture Fair, Germany, Italy Milan Furniture Fair and the Las Vegas International Furniture Exhibition, can see Xingwei products. Expanding international visibility, but also makes Xingwei can more easily in numerous orders for the selected can bring profits to their customers. 
2010, starwise successfully joined the China furniture Standards Committee, with the participation of industry standards. In 2011, Xingwei company leading to revise the two national standards: the furniture surface coating resistant to salt bath method ", the wood furniture surface coating technology requirements". Ye Genlin said: "to participate in the national standards, not only to enhance the visibility of the enterprise, but also to bring a certain degree of market discourse, for enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness is very favorable."

Social responsibility of public service and corporate interests and win-win

As president of the Taizhou Furniture Industry Association, Xing Wei furniture in their own development, while not forgetting the development of the entire industry, 
is currently building two platforms: one is the inspection and quarantine center, one is the quality inspection center. The former is currently mainly provided with fumigation center, which has invested about 1000000 yuan, built an area of 300 square meters of the testing center. The two center will provide the related industries of Huangyan's furniture and related industries to provide a centralized fumigation services, such as plastic products to provide the relevant indicators. Ye Genlin said that the two centers do not for profit for the purpose, to only charge the cost of. He said: "service to the community, is the responsibility of the enterprise. At the same time, it can also promote the enterprise itself in the quality management has a greater improvement." < br / > interview, Ye Genlin told reporters that Xingwei and a grand plan to built in Huangyan Yongning River a creative "chair museum to display the Chinese ancient culture of furniture. According to him, the museum plans to investment 58 million yuan, will be full by the Star Granville company at his own expense, the government does not spend a penny, more commitment after the completion of the "open to the outside world, mortgage, guarantee, only the right to use the land". 
in order to this ambitious plan, Ye Genlin even back to the original booking offer for 950 yuan of Rolls Royce luxury sedan. Pursuit of culture Ye Genlin and on the public's attitude, moved the famous designers from Taiwan Li Shanghong: join the Design Expo designer of the pavilion, the final decision on the spot, to Granville chair design museum free of charge. < br / > from has produced good design, we see, a huge whale skyrocketing, look at is also like the open arms desire to fly the chair. We believe: Yongning River, will soon rise a landmark.

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