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How to wax wood furniture? What are the maintenance tips?

- Apr 19, 2017-

Wooden furniture is a lot of households used for home furnishings, one of the common furniture, because it is environmentally friendly and beautiful, sturdy and durable, just in line with people's furniture for durability and firmness requirements. And we all know, to wood furniture to do maintenance, the usual way is waxing. The following small series for you to introduce the wood furniture waxing methods and maintenance of some tips, hoping to help you.

Wood Furniture Waxing method

Wood Furniture Waxing method first step, material preparation, ready for special furniture wax, wax quality is very important. When purchasing, it is recommended not to choose the silicone resin glazing agent, because silicon resin will not only soften the surface of solid wood furniture, but also plug wood pores.

Wooden Furniture Waxing Method The second step, before the wood furniture to wax, the application of a milder non-alkaline soap water to wipe the old wax furniture, while also pay attention to dry solid wood furniture surface moisture. In addition, to fully understand the furniture surface dust, or will form wax spots, or cause wear and tear produced scratches.

Wooden Furniture Waxing Method The third step, the furniture wax coated in clean cotton, dose not too much. This is not a waste, the other is to make the wax more evenly coated on the furniture.

Wooden Furniture Waxing Method The fourth step, wax coated cotton cloth to the texture of the wood to the furniture to wax, so that the smallest damage to solid wood furniture, prolong service life. Wax, to grasp the principle of easy to digest, by point and surface, progressive, uniform wax.

Wooden Furniture Waxing Method Fifth Step, wax process to avoid excessive friction, excessive friction will damage the surface of furniture, the hard wood furniture to repair damage.

Wooden Furniture Maintenance Skills

Wooden Furniture Maintenance Skill 1, dedusting maintenance

Prepare a soft dry towel, avoid moist, gently wipe the surface of the furniture, along the wood texture to wipe dust. No detergent is needed throughout the process, lest it stimulate the furniture surface.

Wooden Furniture Maintenance Skills 2, cleaning and maintenance

If daily maintenance, can use professional wooden home cleaner, can help to remove the contaminated air on the furniture, fumes, excess wax and so on.

Wooden Furniture Maintenance Tips 3, avoid scratches

If the appearance of scratches in furniture not only affect the appearance of furniture, but also affect the service life of furniture. Therefore, in the use of the process should try to avoid hard or metal products and furniture direct contact damage.

Wooden Furniture Maintenance Skill 4, scratch maintenance

If you accidentally appear small scratches, you can choose the color of the furniture wood similar to the wax strip smear scratches, the cracks will be filled. Then once again in the area of wax, keep gloss.

Wooden Furniture Maintenance Skill 5, waxing maintenance

Want solid wood furniture luster Durable, waxing is very necessary, generally, a quarterly waxing once, using professional solid wood furniture polish wax for regular maintenance can be. Should avoid using silicon resin glazing agent, it will destroy the furniture coating, clogging the pores of wood, hinder the permeability of wood.

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