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Seven major methods for cleaning wooden furniture

- Apr 19, 2017-

The variety of furniture, what metal ah, glass ah, and so on, but most of the family in the purchase of furniture will tend to wooden furniture, because it is environmentally safe. But wooden home is relatively easy to become dirty damage, so daily cleaning maintenance is more important. The following is to explain how to use daily life common products to clean wood furniture.

1. Soap

Daily cleaning, with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in warm soapy water scrub, until the natural air-dry, and then use the furniture oil wax polishing.

2. Milk

Expired milk is also useful, used to clean wooden furniture is a good choice, decontamination effect is very good, scrub after, and then wipe with water again.

Third, tea

On the painted furniture contaminated with dust, with gauze wrapped in the tea residue, or with cold tea scrub, the furniture will be very clean.

IV. Beer

Yes, beer can also be, but to undergo some treatment, choose a light beer boiling, add sugar and beeswax, full mixing, cooling can be used to wash the furniture. Suitable for the cleanliness of oak furniture.

V. White vinegar

1:1 of hot water and white vinegar mixing, with a soft cloth scrub, for the maintenance of mahogany furniture, and other furniture is also suitable for ink pollution.

6. Lemon

Wooden furniture, even on the paint, is also not heat-resistant, heat prone to form scars, at this time can use half a lemon scrub, and then dip in hot water in the soft cloth wipe, can repair the scars.

7. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not only can brush teeth, also can be used to maintain the furniture, so cost-effective, the furniture surface of the white paint will slowly turn yellow, then can be used with a cloth dip point of toothpaste wipe.

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