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The cleaning and maintenance of the leisure chairs

- Nov 06, 2017-

Recreational chair is commonly used in the home, the material can be a lot of kinds, more clean and maintain and extend its life, for, we found the following, we look at how to clean and maintain it.

1. For the cane leisure chair, water and detergent are good cleaning supplies. Because rattan material is comfortable, and the quality of the rattan is not very big, the rope is relatively easy to bear the quality of it, it will last longer, and clean up the hanging chair when we should use water and detergent, clean after it dry, and for not please clean the part of the oil we should paint it, remember not to wipe out the part of the above, because the uneven material may be caused by accidental scourge, as for the metal part will suction machine, suction out the dust, reoccupy does cloth to wipe.

2. For plastic leisure chairs, detergent is indispensable. When using a chair at home, we are often transfer the oil to the chair, if it is a plastic chair, will not easily smeary clean up with water, we should use the cleaner clean it again, then clean up with water, the effect is better.

3. For wooden leisure chairs, water and paint are good helpers. We generally don't recommend use detergent to clean the recreational chair, wooden things, once the cleaner cleaner will enter inside the wooden, we usually sit on it will have the sticky feeling, if there is water, the inside of the detergent and water together, on the surface of wooden soap bubbles come out, we want to clean it, it will contaminate it. For some stains that can't be cleaned at all times, we should paint a layer of paint, clean it, and make it younger.

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