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The color collocation of the chair:

- Nov 06, 2017-

The color collocation of the chair:
Want to move the bar home, a beautiful high foot table with two chic stool, can create a cozy festive atmosphere in the candlelight and wine! Here are a few of the recommended styles of stool, I hope your holiday party can be more perfect!.
Invite the three or five friends to meet together, contracted decorate, deserve to go up this enthusiastic red bar chair, appear to have the holiday Christmas atmosphere more, very suitable party!
The chair face chooses high quality suede fabric, not only has fire retardant and so on effect, but is quite comfortable, just in the cool of the winter is sending a warm! The maintenance is also very simple, slight besmirch can use textile cleaner or the sponge that USES to dip water of the neuter bath is gently wiped, then use clean cloth piece wipe dry can! It saves you time and effort!
The filling of cushion is a body formed the high-density foaming forming cotton, not easy to deform! And the air permeability is strong, the resilience is good, will not age easily! It is designed according to the human body. It is ergonomic and makes you more comfortable with your friends. Happy holidays!
As a fashion successful person, it is very nice to be alone at home on Christmas, with such an upscale leather chair, and inviting friends to have a party.
The design of this kind of bar stool chooses the European style of the atmosphere, the element that adds a few exotic amorous feelings during the festival is more can match with the Christmas that the original source is with foreign country! To create a different atmosphere in your home, you can go with a nice wine rack, a couple of exquisite goblets, about three or five friends, and a more traditional, quiet Christmas!

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