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Bentwood Chair

- Nov 03, 2017-

Curved wood chair is a wood veneer as the main raw material, through high-frequency hot pressing and made of different shapes of chairs.

Brief introduction to the material of curved wooden chair

Curved wood Chair Seat board chooses the environmental protection multi-layer curved plank high frequency hot pressing, the double-sided pastes the high quality to be able to bend the fireproof board, the chair leg chooses the steel tube, the surface spurts the plastic or the electroplating decoration.

Making method of curved wooden chair

There are 2 kinds of fabrication methods for the component of curved wood chair, such as sawing and pressurizing bending. The sawing process has many disadvantages: the large amount of wood fiber is cut off, the strength of the component is reduced, the processing is complex, the finishing is difficult, and the material rate is low. The pressure bending molding method makes the lumber, veneer (thin wood) or crushed material (wood shavings and fibers) into various curved parts and overcomes the defects of sawing process.

The trend of curved wooden chair

At present, 75% of the curved wooden chairs in the market are made of curved wood material and metal combination, which is more concise and fashionable.

The size of the curved wooden chair

The seat height of the curved wooden chair is very exquisite, usually should keep between the 420-440mm, and the curved wooden chair to the tabletop high difference should keep between 280-320mm. In addition, the seat width of the wooden chair should not be less than 380mm, the seat is deep between the 340-420mm, the chair back always high in 850-1000mm between the appropriate.

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