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Classification Of Computer Chairs

- Nov 03, 2017-

According to function can be divided into two types of computer chairs:

1. Ordinary computer chair

Computer chairs usually can only meet the common use of ordinary users, short time online, etc.

2. Ergonomic computer Chair

The so-called ergonomic computer chair that uses ergonomic design, the use of the method as far as possible for the human body's natural form, so that people can use tools at work, the body and spirit do not need any active adaptation, so as to minimize the use of tools caused by fatigue. This type of computer chair must meet the following conditions:

①. Headrest is adjustable;

②. Handrails are capable of elevating and elevating, and can make the hand and body keep the best position with the ground and computer table;

③. Backrest to better fit back, in the long time at the desk work, can effectively link the spine fatigue;

④. with lifting function;

⑤. The length and width of the cushion and the height of the computer chair must be customized in accordance with the use of the crowd. Asians, for example, usually have less height and weight than Europeans, so they have to be standard for Asians, and they must be a different set of standards for Europeans. such as black and white computer chair for domestic use and export of computer chairs with different specifications and standards;

⑥. There are thickened explosion-proof steel plate. Any ergonomic computer chair must be human-oriented, starting from the person, with personal safety as the first element, the main role of the explosion-proof steel plate to strengthen the protection of personal safety role;

⑦. Air pressure bar must be SGS international certification;

⑧. The bearing capacity of the tripod is greater than or equal to 500kg. The test method can refer to the black and white tone, use the car one by one to press over the tripod, confirm the load-bearing ability.

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