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Functional Principle Of Ergonomic Chair

- Nov 03, 2017-

Ergonomics mainly regulates fatigue from the following aspects:

1. Head: Head pillow height and rotation can be adjusted, can let the user cervical natural fitting head pillow, standardize seated posture, will resist office enjoyment. The height of the head pillow fully supports your cervical spine for the best position.

2. Chair back: The best support position of the waist is the third, the fourth spine, the whole chair can be highly adjustable, easy and simple to meet the needs of different users, to reduce the weight of the lumbar spine most of the human body.

3. Waist support: Separate activity waist, back elasticity concentrated in the active waist, to the user the most close support. Activities waist by adjusting the curvature of the entire lower back to relax comfortable affixed to the waist, so that the spine is relaxed, thus relieving the spine fatigue.

4. Armrest: Adjust the armrest height and angle, let the hand and Mesa smoother transition prevent the mouse hand to produce.

Angle free adjustment, stepless lock-free, arc-back design, bow frame strength and elastic treatment, handrail arc streamline processing.

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