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Qualified And Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

- Feb 07, 2018-

1, headrest (headrest): The main role is to the body's neck, head and its supporting role

2, the backrest: the main role is to support the human body back, waist, a good computer chair can effectively alleviate the senescence of the back, waist fatigue, so the computer chair back comfort is essential .

3, handrails: improper handrail height will lead to rapid shoulder fatigue. Because the use of the keyboard, the upper arm and the arm to maintain the angle of about 90 degrees, you must get the right armrest support.

4, Cushion: Cushion can be adjusted to adjust the computer chair must have the function of different height people use the computer chair on the height of the cushion requirements are different, the most healthy and comfortable sitting posture is that we sit in the computer chair can make feet naturally land , Knees and cushions to maintain the front edge of about 25px spacing, this will not only reduce the pressure on the thigh, but also to maintain blood flow.

   Taking into account the use of both we can not only maintain the correct posture but also comfortable cushion computer chair, cushion before and after the adjustment is essential, before and after the cushion can adjust the seat height of the computer chair, to meet the use of different body .

5, gas stick: try to swivel chair, feel some of the process of lifting is smooth If you feel dry, poor quality gas rod, some chairs have Back Happy function, try to open the Happy function, feel you can rest assured Of the "Happy", this is also a try bar, in general, a good pressure bar is certified and then there are signs.

6, material: select the appropriate chair surface material Previously, we first need to study the human body temperature and humidity comfort related needs. When the ambient temperature is neutral, the human body will feel comfortable, the body and the external environment to maintain a thermal balance, neither sweating nor too cold. When this balance is broken, the body generates more heat through chills, or expels it by sweating in the form of evaporation. Therefore, proper maintenance of body temperature or timely heat release are important measures of the material of the chair surface index.

Of course, the chair can only alleviate or prevent the role, hoping to maintain a good sitting position, work-rest combination is the most often heard, I hope the usual life amateur can take time to exercise.

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