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Sofa Maintenance Knowledge

- Jan 29, 2018-

1. Cloth sofa: handling methods such as the screen cloth panels.

Leather sofa: Do not use irritating detergent, solvents, soapy water, benzene agent, rosin oil, etc., must be prevented leather pores are blocked, can be cleaned sponge dip cleaning solution on weekdays to wipe circular motion, Do not rub hard, and then wipe dry wool, do it once a month, can make the surface bright as new.

2 tilting a different tone: You can use WD-40 lubricant spray shaft contact or spring and other places.

3. Easy dumping: Adjust the tilt adjustment knob to fit the tightness of your body shape, do not be too loose, easy to cause the danger of dumping.

4. Wheelchairs: wheelchairs can be divided into two kinds, one for nylon rigid wheelchair, suitable for use on soft floors, such as carpets and other materials, a soft PU wheelchair for hard floor use, such as plastic flooring, Marble floors and wooden floors and other materials.

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