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Solid Wood Tables And Chairs Editor

- Jan 12, 2018-

Solid wood tables and chairs editor

Solid wood tables and chairs, integrated wood tables and chairs, all solid wood tables and chairs are collectively referred to as solid wood tables and chairs. 

 1, solid wood tables and chairs: the main components in the decorative pieces, except accessories, the rest of the wood, wood-based panels made of wood and other furniture.

 2, solid wood furniture: solid wood or solid wood lumber for the production of the substrate, the surface after the treatment of painted tables and chairs; Or in such substrates with solid wood veneer or veneer (veneer) veneer before proceeding Finishing the treatment of the tables and chairs. Solid wood board refers to the wood, timber and other wood through the secondary processing of solid wood materials. 

 3, integrated wood tables and chairs: Substrate solid wood, wood-based panels and other materials made of mixed tables and chairs.

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