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The Application Of Fashionable Chair In Home

- Nov 03, 2017-

Fashionable chair in the home application, now the type of chair more and more, different functional areas show different chairs, has become a lot of friends of a home decoration, this article on this topic for everyone to make an introduction, so you have a understanding of it.

Chairs, just practical furniture? Of course, in the modern home, they have gradually presented their own style, set comfortable, beautiful in one.

Graceful presentation of different spaces

In general, every space in the home will appear chair figure. Comfortable and strong chair can be used in the bedroom; high-back single chair, it is suitable for the living room, can create a casual atmosphere; streamline modelling, design sense strong, have the function of the Chair is suitable for the study and studio, and leisure chairs, chairs, and so on, with a corner or balcony, can relax the mood, for the body "recharge."

Understanding Features for selection

It is necessary to understand that the general seat from the seat height, seat depth, such as the back of the chair to choose. The seat is too high, the calf is easy to hang, and too low the hips are under pressure. The seat is too deep, waist back with support, too shallow to let the thigh labored, these conditions will allow people to sit for a long time uncomfortable feeling. In addition, the best chair back or neck can play a certain supporting role, the outermost contact with the human body materials should be breathable, wear-resistant and dirty. Of course, it all depends on the specific function of the Chair.

Different use requirements

If it's a dining chair, its height should be in line with the height of the table and the user's height, and then observe the shape of the back of the chair, the natural still to try to feel whether the shaking, stability is enough; if it is a computer chair, it is best to choose a rotatable, highly adjustable, easy to find information and tools Feel the softness of the cushion and the degree of the back and the body, and whether the pulley is smooth and so on. If it is a child's seat, safety and environmental protection are the most important.

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