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The Conditions For A Good Chair

- Nov 03, 2017-

What are the conditions for a good chair?

A survey has pointed out that if you choose a good chair, you will be able to give employees an extra 40 minutes of free time each day and see how much good a good chair can do.

First, we must pay attention to ergonomics;

Second, we must pay attention to the moderate support;

Third, the seat of the natural curve of the human spine can be preserved;

Four, sit up very comfortable, still can use for a long time;

Five, light, fast, accurate adjustment system, six, safe, reliable claw-style chair foot;

Six, A safe, flexible and durable chair wheel;

Seven, very durable, will not cause scratches.

It would be a real good chair to meet the above points. However, the chair is not a kind of office furniture that can be independent of other objects, so when it comes to the office chair's good and good weeds, it is impossible to take into account the surrounding environment, the main work of the users, the mode of operation and other factors. But a good office chair has an extremely direct impact on employees, so buyers are absolutely cautious.

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