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What Hot Pot Table Design Requirements?

- Mar 12, 2018-

1, table structure is reasonable

Hot pot table is also a table, so hot pot table design must first meet the most basic table design requirements! Fondue table in the structure at least to ensure a solid structure, easy to install. In order to fond table beautiful and safety, hot pot table in the line design at least to ensure alignment hidden, easy to switch.

 2, professional heating equipment

The quality of the hotpot table lies not only in the table itself, but also in the heating equipment that needs to be equipped. Many hotpot table manufacturers on the market are cooperating with induction cooker manufacturers, using the induction cooker as one of the raw materials for making the hotpot table, and setting the induction cooker into the table body when making the hotpot table.

Hot pot table heating equipment is the key to affecting the quality of the hot pot table, it first needs to pass the test of qualified products, and safe and reliable, with energy saving and environmental protection. For the hot pot shop consumer experience, hot pot table matching heating equipment needs to be easy to operate, easy to maintain.

 3, beautiful appearance

Hot pot table in the design to follow the usual aesthetics, it is because for hot pot restaurants such places, the hot pot table itself is also an important part of the interior decoration. Hot pot table want to maintain the appearance of the beautiful, at least need to choose science, handsome in appearance, design concepts in line with modern aesthetics.

 4, raw materials and workmanship

Hot pot table design no matter how good is useless, you want to 100% of the design drawings in line with the requirements of the change, you need to ensure that the production of hot pot table raw materials to be real material, not adulterated. In addition, the hot pot table manufacturers also need superb production technology, so as to strictly follow the design drawings to make hot pot table products.

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