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1 Million 500 Thousand Sets Of Leisure Furniture Technical Renovation Project

- Feb 11, 2017-

According to the State Environmental Protection Administration "public participation in environmental impact assessment procedures", "Zhejiang province construction project environmental protection management measures" and "Zhejiang provincial Environmental Protection Bureau construction project environmental impact assessment and public participation in government information disclosure work implementing rules (Trial)" (UNCED Zhejiang [2014]28) regulations, as the environmental impact social organizations and the masses to understand and participate in the project evaluation work, especially to the public, welcome enterprises and institutions, social organizations, people's comments and suggestions on the environmental issues of the project.

A,Name and outline of construction project

1. Project Name: 1 million 500 thousand sets of leisure furniture technical renovation project of annual output of Home Furnishing Star International Co. Ltd.

2.Construction Scale:The total investment of 120 million yuan, the purchase of CNC machining center, injection molding machine, CNC bending machine, MZ band center, paint room, pickling phosphating production line and spray room and other major equipment.

3.Site Selection:97, Taizhou City, Huangyan Road, No. ten hospital

4.Undertaker:Home Furnishing Star International Co., Ltd.

Two, the name of the construction unit and contact

Project construction unit: Home Furnishing Star International Co., Ltd.

Contacts:Mr Tang      Contact Number:13706563318

Three, the name and contact method of environmental impact assessment

EIA Unit:Zhejiang Metallurgical Environmental Protection Design & Research Co., Ltd.

Contacts:Mr Wu      Contact Number:13634024130

Four, environmental impact assessment procedures and the main work

1.Working procedure of environmental impact assessment:

2.Main contents of EIA:

(1)Based on the monitoring of the ambient air, surface water and acoustic environment quality of the project, the overall environmental quality of the project site is obtained.

(2)According to the engineering analysis and monitoring of the pollution sources of similar projects, the main pollution sources of the project are obtained.

(3)The impact of pollution abatement measures on the surrounding environment of the project is predicted by scientific methods.

Five, the main matters of public opinion

⑴Your recognition of local environmental quality (very good, acceptable, poor);

⑵Do you think the current environmental problems mainly in the region (air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, solid waste pollution);

⑶Your understanding of the project (very understanding, understanding, do not understand);

⑷You are satisfied with the environmental credibility of the construction unit (satisfaction, general, dissatisfaction);

⑸Are you worried about the environmental problems of the project (waste gas pollution, waste water, solid waste, noise impact effect)

⑹Do you think this project is completed and put into operation on the living environment of the surrounding residents of the impact of the degree (greater impact, little effect, no effect);

⑺Do you have any other comments and suggestions.

Six, the main way of public opinion

Announcement Time:In November 25th November 14, 2016 2016。

During the period of the public announcement, such as the project environmental protection advice, can by telephone or email with the construction unit or the EIA unit, can also be written opinions of the competent administrative department of environmental protection responsible for the project approval of the cc.

Seven, project approval unit and contact information

Name Of Project Approval Unit: Huangyan District Environmental Protection Bureau

Contact Department: Huangyan District Environmental Protection Bureau

Contact Number:0576-84052183

The Announcement: Home Furnishing Star International Co., Ltd.

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