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A Brief Introduction To Ergonomic Chairs

- Nov 03, 2017-

Ergonomic chair design generous, unique, stylish, lightweight, is widely used in modern Family, entertainment, internet cafes, hotels, leisure, conference rooms, Office computer table A new type of environmental health chair. Design principles Release nature, human nature adjustment, suitable for a variety of body size adjustment, material mainly using environmental protection materials.

Ergonomics mainly using mesh (composition: DuPont Yarn + polyester fiber), environmental protection cloth + high quality memory cotton and other elastic environment-friendly material production cushion and chair back, in the process design is very adapt to the future development of new furniture trends. With good ventilation and thermal characteristics, comfort and health, can prevent the use of chairs in the process of producing bacteria growth environment. And can reduce the pressure on the back of the buttocks, pressure stress points, promote the hip back blood circulation, avoid neck and shoulder strain, maintain your healthy physique.

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