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Core Parts Of Massage Chair

- Nov 03, 2017-

The choice massage chair needs to consider comprehensively many factors, the massage Chair's core part mainly has the movement, the guideway, the electrical machinery, the material and so on aspect, the quality of a massage chair mainly depends on these core components ' quality:


The motherboard can be said to be a massage chair of the brain, used to control the massage chair procedures, power supply, pneumatic valve motor operation of the carrier, through the massage Chair hand controller transmission commands, by the motherboard acceptance and to the chair of the massage body issued instructions, so that massage movement, is an important component.

A massage chair is good or bad, not only to see whether its external function is much, the material is well, but also to see whether his massage program is humane, the program experience is high.


The movement of the massage chair is a device with manipulator and control motor of manipulator, it can walk on the guideway freely, according to the length of the track, Carry on the manipulator massage to the back and buttocks of the human body.


The guide is the main body of massage chair, with the movement manipulator and most of the internal main parts, is the whole skeleton of massage chair.


Massage chair manipulator, through the program design, can realize many kinds of simulation person's massage technique, through the massage principle, realizes the massage effect, plays the dredging meridian, the QI and blood circulation, maintains the body's yin-yang balance, the manipulator massages the massage chair most main massage way.


Commonly known as motor, its main role is to produce driving torque, as the use of electrical appliances or a variety of mechanical power sources. The generator is represented by the letter G in the circuit. Its main role is to use mechanical energy to convert to electrical energy, but also to support the operation of the manipulator massage function of the important driving force.

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