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Child Seat

- Jan 15, 2018-

Many parents mistakenly think that it is the safest way to place their children in their arms in the co-pilot's position. In fact, parents who are eager to protect their children often underestimate the impact strength of the vehicle when colliding with each other. Children in co-pilots are often easily Pop-up airbags crush internal organs. Shi Xiaoguang, president of the China Toys and Baby Products Association, said in an interview that the proper use of child safety seats can effectively reduce the child's death rate by 70% in a car accident. When the speed reaches 50km / h (normal speed in the city), a 40kg child is equivalent to 1 ton of moving objects. The impact of a child in high-speed impact is equivalent to the weight of an elephant. At this point to hug the child, the equivalent of hand to save a fallen four-story adult!

Children's seat refers to the baby dedicated, for a variety of ways seats, mainly divided into three categories:

The first type of child safety seat is installed on the passenger car and fixed to the rear seat to protect the baby during driving.

Child safety seat classification

In general, child safety seats are divided into baby safety seats and child safety seats, from the use point of view, is generally divided into two kinds of wading and sitting. From baby's birth to be able to stand alone, this time to use the baby seat, so that the baby can sit on their own after the switch to the ordinary child safety seat.

Specific according to the type of fixed way to distinguish, divided into three types:

European standard ISO FIX fixed way, American standard LATCH fixed way and seat belt

a fixed way.

Children's safety seats are divided into 4 categories according to children's age and weight

Category 1: Children for newborns up to 15 months (or infants weighing between 2.2 kg and 13 kg)

Category 2: Suitable for newborns to 4-year-old children (or children weighing between 2.2 kg and 18 kg)

Category 3: For children aged 1 to 12 (or children weighing 9 kg to 36 kg)

The second type of baby stroller for the baby to go out to facilitate parents to carry baby and baby related supplies;

Baby car classification

In general, the stroller is divided into two types A and B types. A type of car in the baby over 2 months, the head can be used up after the support; B-type car in the baby over 7 months or so, can sit tight after use.

A type stroller

The baby can lie flat in the car, even if the baby fell asleep do not have to worry about. Due to the larger wheels, the uneven ground brought

Bump less, the baby will feel very safe to sit. If the handle direction can be switched, then you can also look at the baby's face

Go for a walk. However, this car is heavy, it occupies a place.

B-type stroller

This car is compact and lightweight, simple handle control, turn convenient. Stroll in crowded stores or crowded places

Shuttle back and forth. Even after the close up in the tram does not occupy the place, can be placed in the trunk of the car, when the long-distance camp


The third type of children's chair for the baby to eat dinner, the baby posture fixed, and prevent the baby drop;

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