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The Material Of A Plastic Chair

- Nov 03, 2017-

Now the plastic chairs in the market are usually made of PP or PE plastic.

PP Plastic, also known as polypropylene plastic, is the development of nylon after another fine resin varieties, it is a kind of semi crystalline materials, the advantages are very obvious, with excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance, with very high hydrophilicity, almost no water absorption. The disadvantage is low temperature impact resistance, more susceptible to aging. But compared with PE plastic, it has a higher melting point.

PE plastic is polyethylene, its corrosion resistance and electrical insulation are very strong. Rigid hardness and strength are relatively high, and PP plastic is the same, it is also very small water absorption.

Chairs made of these two plastic materials have the same advantages as theirs.

White plastic chair shape very lazy, sleek lines create a shallow fresh taste, such indoor space is very leisurely, can let us feel relaxed from the bottom of the heart.

The black plastic chair is very general and plain, but enlarge in the whole space to see the words, very harmonious. The whole interior space is very quiet and pristine, contrasted with the hustle and bustle of the outside city. Can form this kind of contrast conflict, this is to be attributed to the interior metope color and the furniture choice, its material natural simple and romantic for the entire space to add a lot.

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