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Office Furniture Maintenance Tips

- Jan 30, 2018-

1.Desktop: desktop stains can be treated with a soft cloth soiled stains wipe oil, can be restored as bright as new, especially adhesive tape marks high viscosity, bad wipe, scouring oil is the best cleaner, but the skin is not good, Avoid prolonged exposure.

2. Body: If the drawer sliding is not smooth, you can buy in the hardware store WD-40 lubrication spray cloth slide can. If the drawer drawer drawer surface tilt, pull out one-third of the drawer, cabinet body in the left and right sides down by hand to allow the drawer surface to restore a flat appearance.

two. Office furniture maintenance tips screen:

1. Fabric Panel: The most common screen fabric panel stains, a small part of the stain available 3M foam detergent spray about 10 seconds to a clean soft cloth, avoid using stains oil to wipe, will cause discoloration and traces .

2. Glass panel: easy to clean cloth residue when wiping, can be wiped with a soft cloth to wipe the old newspaper, to protect the bright as new, or to a damp stain with a damp cloth to avoid leaving cloth .

3. Tabletop: Cleaning as described in the table above.

4. Baking: due to strong collision when the paint off, if only small, you can black singular pen modification.

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