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Office Chair In The Most Important Part

- Feb 01, 2018-

Many people on the office chair look at the appearance, rarely know in detail, in fact, the most important part of the office chair is not in the appearance, just like people, not to look at his appearance, the quality of the chair we mainly look at his heart - chassis, An important part of the chair under the office chair is the chassis, the quality of the chassis is the most important part we found in the production process, he can have several damaged results, the chair squeaks basically is the chassis problem, the chair The left and right shaking is also a chassis problem, the chair can not lift a lot of chassis problems, the loose backrest is also the chassis of the link part of the problem.

How to interpret a good chassis, the first is the thickness of the iron chassis, the general good chassis thickness is 2mm above the thickness of the plate, in order to effectively support the entire chair and the weight of people.

The second depends on the chassis of the mechanism, a simple chassis called butterfly disc, which is the most simple and easy to use a lot of small chairs, chassis is a small aircraft seat, a large aircraft seat, there are frog chassis, of course there are tail plate chassis, but also cable Control chassis, where the institutions are more complex, the design of the chair is usually on the chassis work hard, the chassis structure is about good, the more features, the chassis of the mechanism is about reasonable chair about solid

The center of the chassis plays a very important role in the distance between the seats. The front of the chassis is easy to be turned forward, and the back of the chassis is easy to turn backwards. Of course, the left and right sides of the chassis are easily shaken and unevenly strained. So after the chassis is installed in the chair need to try to sit, and to shake the chair to determine whether this is a good chair.

Chassis and back iron link, the common chair is through the grenade above the curved iron link, the elbow easily deformed many office chair later all the backrest skew, fracture, etc. are for this reason, so be sure to look at the chassis and back Iron links, good chairs are reinforced by a very thick back iron link, the link is three or more screws, so we must have seen the chassis before and after

Better chair armrests are linked to the chassis, because the only way it is the most stable, the new design of human ergonomics chairs are usually linked to the armrest on the chassis, if the armrest hit the seat on the floor, in fact Still not very satisfactory, at present most of them are such a link, I believe the back of the product should be able to get greater improvement.

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