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What Is The Main Material Fabric Sofa

- Jan 26, 2018-

Cloth sofa The main material is cloth, office furniture found that many people today, have begun to like cloth sofa, cloth sofa is art processing, so as to achieve a certain effect.

In the market, the cloth sofa is divided into two kinds, that is, the casual cloth sofa and the European-style cloth sofa. Office furniture to introduce you to these types of fabric sofa, like pure fabric sofa fabric is used, and fabric with a sofa is made of cloth and leather or leather composition, leisure fabric sofa in the design, it is more suitable Young people, it is in line with modern society, the design is more advanced, rich colors, styles and diverse, when decorating, more suitable for modern decoration style, and European-style fabric sofa style is relatively large, limited, with European style, will be modeled after France , Britain and other places of style. Office furniture to tell you the characteristics of cloth sofa, fabric sofa can be disassembled, more convenient to clean, for cotton cloth sofa cleaning, the general use of low temperature washing, office furniture to remind you try not to use the washing machine, or use bleach cleaning, This will cause damage to the fabric sofa, and for the jacquard fabric, its advantage is not easy to fade, you can use the washing machine, for the fabric to join artificial cotton, rayon and other materials, cloth sofa, then you must dry clean. Cloth sofa like cotton, its relatively strong hygroscopicity, warmth is also very good, very comfortable, not prone to static electricity, breathability is better, easy to clean.

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