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Teach You How To Buy Computer Chairs

- Feb 06, 2018-

Cushion to be comfortable. The usual computer chairs are sponge cushion, a good cushion is usually relatively thick, and has a concave curve, to get used to the human body buttocks curve, the body played an outstanding support and maintenance effect, good cushion with good flexibility, so that You feel comfortable sitting.

Back to be solid. The backrest of the computer chair also stresses its comfortable feeling and safety. Some of the chair backrests are very loose, and even slight shaking can generate noise. Such a chair is not only simply damaged, but also has potential safety hazards.

Lift the steering rod. If you buy swivel chair, you must make the swivel chair to lift, feel the process of lifting is not flowing smooth, with or without appearance. If the lift feel blocked or feel dry, to question the quality of doubt.

Other details at. Hand test on the handrail, bump is not feeling comfortable, swaying around to see the overall layout of the chair is not stable. Flip the chair over to see its shaded layout, if it is found that the parts are rough, and even rusty, then attributed to the second-order goods.

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