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The Collocation Of The Chair

- Nov 03, 2017-

How to match chairs and tables

The high difference between the chair face and the table is generally better in 30~35cm around. If the table has a drawer, the high difference is more, to ensure that the space between the table and the chair can accommodate the legs.

How to match the chair and home style

The proportion of the chair, shape, color, material, to meet the indoor environment of the decoration and other furniture style. Table, dining chair is usually tie-in good together to sell, generally speaking, the country style obtains most people's affection, selects the plaid cloth, the small rags to make the chair's soft package cloth, with the wooden wooden frame. There are also hundreds of tables that can be fitted with various styles of chairs. A favorite owner can try several different styles of chairs. Modern interior design style is more tolerant, can adorn many or classic or trendy designer chair.

The simple white, brings the relaxed mood, the human design of the chair back, enhances the support to the cervical vertebra, strengthens the sitting person's comfortable experience.

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