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The Design Principle Of The Chair

- Nov 03, 2017-

Chair design is more difficult, when people sit up, immediately feel comfortable or not functional. Chairs are seats that support the body. When people sit in a chair, give shock, sway and twist to external forces, demanding its structure is tight, rugged. When people appreciate the beautiful chair, in addition to a variety of different angles of the beam to enjoy the outside, but also sit in the Chair, is the chair to surround people to enjoy, to taste.

Chairs in the interior decoration role is also prominent, in the design can be with the full set of furniture material, color style exactly the same, can get a harmonious effect. can also use different material, color and style with the base furniture to form a sharp contrast. In the large area to obtain the effect of local prominence, that is, in the unity of the change, it can play a finishing touch.

The chair is in the room, some people say it is a can sit sculpture. such as: Wegener Swan chair was hailed as an example of interior design, interior sculpture of art. Chairs in the interior furnishings are also rich in human, personality, can show the host's taste, temperament. It resonates with the whole county 眭 interior furnishings and becomes a complete combination of art.

Current chair design and production of the promotion of functions, the use of new technologies to represent materials, technology and structural beauty. The other one advocates decorative effects. Do not pay attention to function, to develop novel, strange, beautiful shape.

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