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Health Size Selection Of Desks And Chairs

- Nov 03, 2017-

Since chairs and desks are associated with people day and night, office workers use them for long periods of time, so the size of their functions is very important. Therefore, the purchase of chairs and desks, must meet the use requirements and health requirements, or long-term use, will cause unexpected harm to the body.

As the chair is used with the desk, the height of the two is very important. It is proved by research that the desk is more suitable than the seat 29 centimeters. This is because the person sits down the elbow and the desk and so on high, can make the human body to maintain upright posture, reads, writes both convenient and comfortable. If the desktop is too high, then the person's arms will need to be raised accordingly, so that the front tilt of the body can not support, will soon produce fatigue. At the same time, the desktop is too close to people's eyes, will also affect people's eyesight.

When you sit down, you have to put your legs under the desk, so if you use a height of up to 41 centimeters as your seat, you'll have two legs dangling and all the weight on your hips and thighs. Due to excessive pressure, the blood circulation in the back of the thigh is not normal, resulting in a lack of oxygen at both ends of the body to produce toe chills, numbness of the lower limbs and upset and other phenomena. If you use less than 41 centimeters as the height of the seat, it will cause dyspnea, compression of the waist and shortness of breath, and so on, the work and study will also be greatly affected. The choice can adjust the high and low seat, in addition, the seat depth should make the buttocks get all support, the front of the seat should not be stretched out, lest squeeze thigh muscle.

In addition, the purchase of chairs and desks must also be based on the type, so that the purchase of furniture placed, can save space, but also maintain the overall beauty.

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