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How To Pick A Chair For A Child

- Nov 03, 2017-

Safety: Children's chairs no matter which style, line should be smooth, can not have any acute angle, the surface should also be smooth, not rough, to avoid any small accidents. In addition, the surface coating must be harmless, buy when you can gather up smell smell there is no odor.

Sturdy: Shake the chair hard, if the structure is loose, or feel a bit shaky, then such a chair cannot be bought.

Color: Choose lively bright, high saturation color for children, can stimulate the child's curiosity and attention, more can cultivate children's visual sensitivity.

Styling: Children tend to be interested in vivid things. Therefore, when choosing a chair for a child, it may be appropriate to choose a cute animal shape or oval, ball, and other geometrical shape, with certain characteristics of the game, more pleasing to children, but also conducive to stimulating the imagination of children.

Size: As adults, the choice of chairs for children to pay attention to the body with the degree, so it is best to take the children together, first try to buy. At the same time, if there is a change in height to adjust the function is more ideal. Because children grow up faster, it is better to be able to "grow up" with a child's height.

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