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Super five percent of consumers concerned about the solid wood material

- Mar 12, 2018-

Mid-price, solid wood material by the concern

Survey results show that about 35.8% of consumers choose the price of 1,000 yuan -2000 yuan (per square meter) of custom furniture products, mid-priced custom furniture products by the highest degree of attention, and the price of 4,000 yuan (per square Meters) of custom furniture product attention only 9.2%.

From the custom furniture product material point of view, the attention of real wood over 50%, with the continuous improvement of consumer purchasing power, solid wood custom furniture products are more consumers to consider, in addition, the degree of concern followed by the particle board , Multi-plywood and MDF attention is low;

In addition, the formaldehyde content, deformation resistance, moisture resistance, load bearing, handling and other elements become the most consumer-oriented custom furniture features, of which more than half of consumers are most concerned about custom-made formaldehyde content of furniture, environmental protection is custom furniture Most consumers are most concerned about the factors.

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