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What kind of Internet cafes have one sofa

- Mar 06, 2018-

One of the Internet cafes sofa is a new type of sofa produced by the manufacturers of Internet cafes and chairs, it is the improvement of the traditional Internet cafes chairs, to facilitate different groups of people, manufacturers design and produce a variety of types of Internet cafes one sofa.

The first is a back fixed Internet cafes, one of the sofa, the sofa is characterized by a fixed back, keyboard and monitor can be flexible to move, and keyboard support rod with a pulley design. The seats made by the manufacturers of Internet cafes and chairs use the wear-resistant car leather as the main material, scratch-resistant, comes with USB switch and ashtray, the keyboard is flexible and easy to operate.

The second is contrary to the first kind of back-adjustable Internet cafe sofa, seat angle can be adjusted back, the same wear-resistant scratch-resistant car skin, you can adjust the seat angle according to their needs, arbitrary, you can not miss.

The last is a massage sofa electric sofa, it is the Internet cafes seat manufacturers based on ergonomic principles and traditional Chinese medicine, modern technology and other combination of products designed to effectively stimulate the body's nerves, bones, skin cells and tendons Muscle, help to promote the internal microcirculation, activation of various human cells, promote brain self-regulation. For relieve fatigue, prevent chronic diseases, enhance the body immunity has a very good effect, absolutely suitable for Internet users to use.

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