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Computer chairs try to choose have adjustable features

- Feb 23, 2018-

"Computer family" at home office, the game longer and longer, rigid, formula-like office space has been unable to meet people's needs. Therefore, diverse colors, unique shape, easy to use, etc., emphasize individual development, attention to humanity, more and more office furniture, but only the shape or function is not enough. Whether in the office or in the office, the design of the office space must be based on a rational sense of play, that is both specialization and personalization.

Many people's office chair height are not up to standard, so that you can not let the body get rid of back pain. So, how can we adjust the office chair to "best condition"? First according to the nature of the work desk or worktable adjusted to the appropriate height. Because, different desk height of the chair placed in different positions, and sometimes even need to change a chair. Once the height of the desk is fixed, the height of the chair can be adjusted using the desk and body height as a "reference." A good computer chair should not only sit comfortably, but also have a high degree of freedom in the vertical and horizontal directions, that is, a large adjustable range.

Choosing a comfortable chair is crucial. Good seat with dual pneumatic function, both to adjust the height of the chair, but also adjust the backrest pitch angle.

When you buy, you can sit and feel the back is soft and hard moderate, the back curve is fit the curvature of the human spine, fully support the back, the waist can relieve excessive pressure load, to ensure the correct sitting position; seat Whether it is spacious, solid and fully supported will not only reduce the impact of body weight when it sits down, but also relieve the pressure on the buttocks during long-term desk hoses, relax the body and mind and improve work efficiency. At the same time also pay attention to the selection of casters: whether it is safe and smooth, whether the carousel can rotate freely, the roller plastic texture is too hard to hurt the floor.

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