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How to maintain high-end furniture it?

- Feb 12, 2018-

If the home uses expensive high-end home, but did not realize the importance of home care, and thus affect the normal use of everyday life will be extremely regrettable. Here we explore the characteristics of high-end solid wood table.

The natural wood table, manifested in the texture, color, pattern and many other aspects. Wood's mineral lines, needle joints, resin bags and other natural markings are the furniture with the protection of natural beauty. There are no two identical trees in the world. Naturally, there will not be exactly the same solid wood dining table. All of them have their own special appearance, thus forming a distinctive gesture.

Natural wood moisture content to more than 50%. So drying wood, reducing its moisture content has become an essential step in furniture. Wood needs to be adapted to the average relative temperature of most homes, but at the same time solid wood furniture is still affected by the temperature and humidity in the air. Like human skin, wood is also porous, it will also be thermal expansion and contraction. If handled properly, these minor natural changes will not affect the quality of furniture.

Undoubtedly, the service life of the table will be affected by environmental changes. Solid wood dining table storage temperature is best between 15-24 degrees Celsius, and 35% -40% relative humidity, will extend its service life. At the same time, furniture should be avoided near the heat source or air-conditioning vent. In the meantime, the use of humidifiers, fireplaces and heaters can also affect changes in the dining table, which may cause damage to the exposed parts of the dining table.

Speaking of table maintenance, essential living room sofa, leather sofa is the new darling of modern consumers, both atmospheric and beautiful, of course, maintenance is of particular importance, how to maintain leather sofa, the most important thing is to uphold regular maintenance. The best once a week, with a clean towel dipped in water, wrung, and then gently wipe the sofa. When wiping the sofa, should not vigorously rub, so as to avoid skin damage. After wiping with a towel, you can use the appropriate amount of leather care agent to wipe again and again, play a good maintenance effect!

In a variety of furniture care products, essential oils is a convenient and easy-to-use skin care products, high-end furniture for maintenance methods, Fubon Beauty launched a high-level wood, leather oil, can effectively penetrate the leather interior, to moisture , In addition to odor, enhance the softness of leather, leather products effectively improve the comfort and extend the life span of leather, the specific detailed Fubon US Commodity National flagship stores, stores for sale, welcome to consult the purchase.

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