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How to decorate the restaurant

- Feb 09, 2018-

Solid wood table to buy points one: the shape of the table

Table common shape of rectangular, square, round, but also part of the polygon or shaped dining table. Square table can be placed against the wall, can save more space, more suitable for smaller families in the restaurant, but the shape is more dull, if with a suitable tablecloth better. Round table more convenient communication between families, and can use more people, more used in the restaurant space, the larger number of families. Some shaped, such as oval, polygon, etc., for some of the pursuit of personality groups, but also more to pick the restaurant area. The average family recommends the use of 4 square or 6 rectangular dining table.

Optional points two: the material of the table

Solid wood, MDF, Gangmu, marble is the more common table material. The average family recommends the use of solid wood dining table, solid wood can bring warm and thick texture, to enhance the living room warm and fresh atmosphere is very useful to help, and natural wood fresh and natural, add flavor. The use of MDF table, to a certain extent, retains the wood characteristics, the price is more pro-people, maintenance is more convenient. Other materials, such as metal, marble, glass, etc., can create a cool, transparent and elegant texture that consumers with relevant tastes and needs can consider.

Point of purchase three: dining area area

If the housing area is large, there is a separate restaurant, you can choose to size 160 × 80 / cm medium-sized table, villa-style house you can choose 2 meters or 3 meters large table. If the restaurant area is limited, or the restaurant is closed, you can consider the selection of small size 120 × 80 / cm table. In addition, if the family dining population is not sure, the recently popular retractable or foldable dining table is also available, especially at IKEA, which is stylish, space-saving and inexpensive.

Optional points four: restaurant style

Dining table should be selected and bedroom decoration style corresponding style, such as the classical European style, you can consider buying marble table, texture more vigorous; For ordinary families, modern, minimalist and pastoral style family, solid wood dining table can enhance the warm dining atmosphere. However, any furniture in the home can not be "self-contained", but should be compatible with the bedroom style.

  Restaurant is the home activities less time, but very important space. Warm and comfortable dining environment, can bring a good appetite, more home to create a warm atmosphere. How to arrange the restaurant, very particular about.

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