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Home Design Introduction

- Feb 26, 2018-

Nationality: the basis of furniture design

Every nation in the world must form its unique language, custom, morality, thinking, value and aesthetic concept due to its different natural conditions and social conditions so as to form its unique national culture. The nationality of furniture design is mainly manifested in the conceptual level of design culture, which can directly reflect the commonalities of the entire nation. Different nationalities and different environments have different cultural conceptions that directly or indirectly affect the characteristics of their furniture design style .

Furniture design is both national, but also the times. At different stages of the development of a nation's history, the furniture design of the nation will show obvious characteristics of the times. This is because the design of furniture is firstly a process of historical development and the overlap and acceptance of design culture in various periods of the nation. The phenomenon of the times. Real material society is based on the accumulation of traditional design culture and constantly abandoned the unity of opposites, historic and reality of the unity of opposites.

The Age: The Trend of Furniture Design Today, with the globalization of economy and the rapid development of science and technology, fundamental changes have taken place in the subjective forms of society. In particular, the concept of social structure, values and Aesthetic concepts, exchanges between countries, and frequent human-to-human exchanges. The information people receive from all over the world is not what they were today. The demands of society and people are constantly increasing and changing. Coupled with the energy, environment and ecological crisis brought by the industrial civilization, in the face of all these designers can adapt to it and use it to make design a product of a specific era, which has become an important task of today's designers.

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