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Furniture structure and reasonable structure

- Feb 24, 2018-

Furniture parts joining and assembly relationship. Reasonable structure can not only increase the strength of furniture, saving raw materials, easy mechanization, automated production, but also to enhance the individuality of furniture modeling art. Structural design based on functional requirements, material properties and technical conditions may be, including the choice of bonding mode, stability check and strength calculation, the value of the three aspects. The choice of bonding method depends on the performance of various materials, the form of furniture, the strength requirements and the technical conditions that may be achieved.

Stability check and strength calculation Stability refers to the property of an object keeping its position all the time. Strength refers to the performance of an object against any external forces that may cause damage, bending and tilting. The traditional concept of design to make furniture stable, to strengthen the leg material approach; the concept of modern design will have to carry out the stability of the furniture check and strength calculation.

Furniture load is divided into two categories of constant load and live load. The constant load is the weight of the furniture itself can be calculated after the size and material of the furniture parts are determined; live load is the weight of people or things that may appear on the furniture, according to the use of furniture. Live load with directionality, impact and instantaneous, can cause sliding or overturning, in the furniture design strength calculation should be considered. The stability of the furniture inspection mainly consider the stability of the furniture under vertical external force and lateral thrust. Stable conditions for the MO (causing overturning moment) is less than the MR (resistance to overturning moment); furniture strength calculation mainly consider the strength of the parts and the bonding strength between the parts. Component strength depends on the material properties of the part, material size and cross-sectional shape, bonding strength depends on the bonding method and material properties.

Strength is calculated as: where σ is the allowable stress of the material, σmax is the maximum stress occurring on the cross section, M is the bending moment on the cross section, and W2 is the modulus of flexural bending.

Through the stability check and strength calculation, the design of the furniture structure can be reasonable and firm, the selected materials and cross-sectional dimensions meet the requirements, to avoid blindly increase the intensity and use large materials, resulting in waste.

Value analysis to low cost, the highest technical means, the necessary choice of zero, components, the best bonding methods, the most reasonable process, the furniture to get the best features. The value of the main consideration of zero, the configuration of components, arrangement is to ensure that the most essential use of furniture components; zero, the size of the components from the shape, function, strength of a comprehensive analysis of the three is the most reasonable; using the structure and bonding in the get Technology and conditions to ensure the premise of the most simplified; the physical and chemical properties of various materials, changes in the stability and strength of the furniture have any impact on the use of which methods to prevent these changes.

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