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The choice of dinette

- Feb 07, 2018-

Whether it is a specialized restaurant or living room, the function of the office serving as a restaurant is to first determine what is the maximum area of dining space that can be occupied.

If the house is large, there is a separate restaurant, you can choose rich and feast of the table to match the space; if the restaurant area is limited, and the number of diners is not sure, may increase the holiday dining staff, you can choose the current market The most common style - retractable table, that is, there are activities in the middle of the board, usually when not in the middle of the table received or taken down, not to only three or four times a year party and buy a large table.

In families without an independent restaurant, the first thing to consider is that the table can satisfy all family members? It is not very convenient to pack it up.

Therefore, the most common folding table on the market is more suitable for use. Second, according to the overall style of home to choose.

If the room is luxurious decoration, the table should choose the appropriate style, such as the classic style of European-style; if the bedroom style emphasizes concise, you can consider the purchase of a glass table simple and elegant style.

In addition, the old table may not have to be discarded, nowadays in the pursuit of the natural style of the trend, if you have a solid wood dining table, you can move it into the new home, as long as the top of the shop covered with a color and decoration coordinated tablecloth, also Another elegant.The shape of the table has some impact on the home's atmosphere.

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