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The arm-chair selects and selects a branch

- Nov 06, 2017-

Armchairs are the most common chairs in daily life, and all chairs with armrests can be called armchairs. The style of armchair has simple and complex, the field that USES also has a lot of. So what should we pay attention to when we choose? Today, I have brought an introduction to the selection and selection of armchairs. Let's learn more about it.
The arm-chair selects and selects a branch
1. Note the arm-chair material
① Solid wood material: solid wood material can be matched with classic, pastoral, European style, can be determined according to own bedroom. Use in outdoor armchair, of course with rural style is given priority to, and in the sitting room, the general meeting chooses European or classical style. Place a small tea table next to the chair, have some Chinese style characteristic. Put in the study, the bedroom, the classic is good.
② Bamboo
2. When buying an armchair, try to sit in the chair and feel the comfort. If the arms can be naturally placed on the table, the feeling of no discomfort is best.
3. Check the strength of the chair, which is very important for the use of a very frequent family. Attention should be paid to the way the chairs are used and spliced. In general, the traditional tenon structure is relatively firm, and the material is made of elm, beech, etc., which is the most durable and stable.
4. Try to sit in an armchair, whether it is easy to shake, or you can observe the legs of the chair to see if there is a scar or crack repair mark. If there is, the product is not good. In addition, also check chair chair leg and support part, see if there is a scar section and crack, the material of these problems are not pass, quality assurance, didn't also the way to guarantee service life.

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