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What does leather seat need to pay attention to?

- Nov 06, 2017-

With the development of the society now, the office chair is more practical and comfortable, and has been favored by many consumers. So, what should the leather seats pay attention to? Let me tell you about it.

What does leather seat need to pay attention to

Leather seat needs attention what 1: regular wipe the chair. Because seat often contact person's skin contact, the grease that is touched is a lot of, must be wiped in time, otherwise wait for sitting time is long, then can't be wiped out the original. Do not use hair dryer to blow dry leather quickly, do natural air dry, open doors and Windows.

Leather seats need to pay attention to what 2: maintenance regularly leather chair, clean leather seats can avoid dermal premature aging, should be timely clean oil and dirt on the leather, the leather seats has a lot to the extension of the service life of the role. Therefore, it is necessary to wash leather seats regularly.

What the leather seat needs to pay attention to 3: use seat cushion to protect. Be careful to stay away from heat sources (such as cigarette butts) and strong sunlight; Therefore, when the leather seats are maintained, seat cushions can be added to the seats. Usually try to choose the shade, avoid long exposure to sunlight to make the leather fade and dry.

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