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The family table chair selects the method

- Nov 06, 2017-

We now pay more and more attention to the brand, and when we choose the table and chairs, it is no exception. But since there are many brands in the market, everyone is not familiar with them, so make up the relevant information to share the family table chairs.

The family table chair selects the method

1. First, determine the area of the dining area. Whether it is a special restaurant or sitting room, the study is concurrently the function of dining-room, want to determine the most area of the meal space that can occupy first is how much.

2. If the house is large and has an independent dining room, it can choose a table with heavy feeling to match the space; If dining-room area is finite, and the number of repast is uncertain, repast personnel may holiday will increase, can choose one of the most common style on the market at present, collapsible table, namely there is activity board, closed when not in use at ordinary times in the middle of the table or get down, don't only three or four times a year to party and bought an extra large table.

3. A small family with limited area can have a table for many roles, such as a desk and a mahjong table for entertainment. In the absence of an independent restaurant, the first thing to consider is that the table can meet all the members of the family. Therefore, the more visible table of table is more suitable for selection.

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