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The purchase knowledge of dining chair

- Nov 06, 2017-

1. try to sit in the dining chair feeling comfortable, if the arm can be placed naturally on the desktop is good.

2. whether eat chair is solid, especially the eat chair used frequently, pay attention to the material and stitching way chair, generally the traditional mortise and tenon joint structure is relatively strong, material for elm, beech wood chair is relatively strong.
3, try to sit chair is shaking, can also with or without scar section by observing chair leg or judgment by the trace of crack repair, chair leg and support part of a mark and cracks material can't use, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life.

Product ergonomics
Eat chair design and size of choose and buy, visual restaurant area and the size and individual be fond of, if you have a large independent restaurant, of course can choose a set of elegant and gorgeous big size dining chair, if small area, the choose and buy folding chair is most appropriate.

Product cost and brand knowledge
Basically production chair furniture brand, and form a complete set with table for sale, like eye, top, guoan camry, dynasty furniture, red apple, Peugeot, the furniture, style, or so, the MHF, microtek furniture, furniture of sibutramine, rich island, like dream treasure, are more common brand, the price of a complete set of from 4000 to 8000, if a single chair for sale, its price is in 300-300 yuan between.

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