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The purchasing knowledge of chair

- Nov 06, 2017-

1. Comfortable, and can sit for a long time
In addition to want to keep a good body curve, a chair can never forget is to sit comfortably, and should sit comfortably, cushion is extremely important, of course, to keep elasticity out of shape not easily, and because muscles to support the body's influence is extremely important, so I have to give good cushion natural body appropriate support, this, in turn, can reduce fatigue.

2. The chair must conform to the three-degree surface of the human body curve
Surface type seat can increase the bottom and thighs hips and chair of the contact area, to an average pressure dispersion, not focused on a point, because slightly tilted at the same time, also has the effect of unstable pelvic, avoid sitting when sliding forward, in addition, the round of design, can also reduce knee medial friction and contact, is beneficial to health.

3. The coordination degree of the chair
Especially high in the purchase, if the chair is tie-in sex, is the greater the opportunities, the choose and buy, for example, the chair can make different adjustment with user's body to move, because users could not only a kind of posture, if be constraints, this chair is useless.

4. Quick, light and accurate height adjustment device
Everyone is different, the demand for highly but due to the height of the table is fixed, so whether can well adjust the height of chair, has become one of important conditions, because of the high chair will let users feet hanging in mid-air, oppression to this part of the blood vessels, leading to blood circulation and poor posture, but low chair will make the contact area with the human body to reduce, all stress concentration near the ischial tuberosity, the Angle between the legs and torso too small also puts pressure on internal organs, the most important thing is, can let a desktop appear too high too low chair, both hands must make some flattering to be flat on the table, will produce the pain in the shoulders and arms. Generally speaking, the current height adjustment device is air pressure type, the adjustment can be easily, the accuracy is also high, when choose and buy can try to sit to see to know.

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