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Wooden furniture to decontamination small coup

- Apr 19, 2017-

Many people like to decorate the house into Chinese wind, and the Chinese wind is the most indispensable wooden furniture. Wooden furniture really has a lingering charm, but it is a headache, here are a few wooden furniture to dirty tricks.

In addition to the wooden furniture oil: Residual tea is a very good detergent, wipe, and then spray a small amount of corn flour to wipe, and finally wipe the corn flour. Corn flour can absorb all the dirt adsorbed on the furniture surface, making the lacquer surface smooth and bright.

White Furniture yellowing treatment: The white paint on the surface of the furniture, the day will be yellow, can be used cloth stained toothpaste wipe, pay attention not to excessive force, can also take two egg yolk, stir with soft brush to yellow place smear, dry after carefully wipe clean with soft cloth can. Also pay attention to the use of the sun to avoid the long time direct furniture.

Qiao In addition to wooden furniture inks: can be in a water plus two pieces of white vinegar into mixed liquid, sponge stained with mixed liquid wipe wooden furniture ink traces, and then clean with water.

Skillfully to watermark: the furniture because drops in Sheung Shui not promptly wipe, after a period of time, water infiltration into the film voids and accumulation, will make the film a watermark. In this case, as long as the traces of water cover a clean wet cloth, and then carefully pressed the iron wet cloth, so that the accumulation of water in the watermark will be evaporated, the watermark will disappear.

Skillfully mask scratches: If the furniture is accidentally scratched, but not touched the film below the wood, usable soft cloth dipped in a little dissolved wax liquid, coated in the film wound, covering wounds. When the wax changes hard, then coated with a layer. So repeated several times, can cover the scars.

Repair Paint Film burn: If the furniture paint film is cigarette butts, ashes or not extinguished matches and other burns, leaving the focal marks, but not the following wood burning paint film, you can use small pieces of fine cloth wrapped a chopsticks head, gently wipe the burn traces, then coated with a thin layer of wax liquid, coke mark can be removed.

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