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Creative chair charm home design

- Nov 06, 2017-

Through in recent years in each big furniture exhibition centre of chair design, concise and fluent line, the gorgeous colour collocation is that they have in common, modelling respect, the sense that gives a person is a chair more and more unlike "chair". Outstanding designers of specially designed chairs have sprung up, among them alberto meida, charlotte pereon, Ross lavergrove, and so on. Their works have reached a high level in terms of space, art and function.

Today's chair, in addition to materials and shapes, "how to make a chair interesting" has become an important direction. Material side, besides original metal, woodiness, plastic outside, plastic be mixed, by grafting, unconventional materials with the help of modern technology means such as natural stone material, to produce the result that expect is less than chair. In addition, the psychological elements and gender elements in the design have been mentioned more and more. Pick a stylish chair and bring out the fashionable feel of home.

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