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Three factors destroy the environmental protection image of wooden furniture

- Apr 19, 2017-

Industry advice, in the customization of furniture, the first choice to have a certain well-known formal manufacturers, in the selection, vendors can generally provide small pieces of samples for customers to choose, selected, preferably take a piece of home, for delivery when compared. And in the whole process of furniture production, to fully communicate with the manufacturers. After the furniture is sent to carefully inspected, in addition to demanding furniture surface smooth and smooth outside, can not see the corner bits, back plates and other places to be careful examination, may use hand to touch perception. Open all drawers, cupboard doors, smell the smell.

Many consumers think that pure wooden furniture is definitely environmentally friendly natural pollution-free furniture, in fact otherwise. The impact of furniture environmental factors have a lot, a little attention, lurking in the furniture "demons" will sneak out, let furniture environmental problems exposed.

Three monsters betray the environmental image of wood furniture

Latent monster One: adhesive content exceeded

Many consumers believe that wood products are natural materials, so the more environmentally friendly, especially some solid wood furniture, is respected as a model for environmental protection, but in fact is not so. Insiders told reporters: "In fact, many consumers of solid wood furniture is wrong, solid wood furniture is not pure solid wood," but refers to the main frame of furniture for pure solid wood, and some auxiliary parts such as drawer, clapboard and other parts, in fact, is also made of wood panels or composite plates, of course, this plate will contain a certain amount of glue, and this is the most formaldehyde accumulation of hiding place. Because of the existence of these plates, if the choice of improper, solid wood furniture will be excessive formaldehyde phenomenon. ”

So the solid wood furniture, plate as the main structure of the plate furniture and how to do the harmful gas excessive treatment? Industry experts said: "Under the same conditions, environmental protection performance of higher plates must be with less glue," if two pieces of the same volume of plates, environmental protection must be guaranteed to use the same tree, plate particles larger (because the large particles also represent a large contact surface, the use of the glue is relatively small), the lighter weight of the kind (because it is itself the wood flavor and weight). And the relatively heavy piece of nature is added to the formation of excessive glue. ”

Latent monster Two: paint harmful gases

New furniture, what are you most worried about? Perhaps many people will have such an impression, compared with the sample, the smell of the new furniture is much stronger, sometimes a new small wardrobe can make the whole bedroom full of irritating smell, this is the VOC and formaldehyde in paint and other harmful gases caused by the scourge. A paint agent to reporters, because of the furniture to paint in color, water resistance, saturation, transparency, bond and other aspects than the wall paint requirements much higher, so that traditional furniture painting must use paint, and paint chemical volatile ingredients are more toxic, more volatile, this becomes the furniture harmful gases exceeding serious carriers. Now the industry is more generally accepted by the use of water-based paint, the main solvent of the paint banana water to replace. Waterborne materials are nontoxic, and banana water is known as toxic chemical constituents, and water-borne materials are volatile, not chemical constituents, to dissolve the harmful gases in paint.

Of course, in recent years, many consumers in order to buy environmentally friendly products, many people choose to buy finished furniture, but in fact some unscrupulous producers in order to pursue profits, the engineering paint used for ordinary furniture, this is undoubtedly the safety of consumers buried enormous hidden dangers, so purchase of finished furniture, the best choice of brand credibility and high degree of cognition products.

Latent Monster III: space Integrated Decorative materials use

The materials used are absolutely green and the paint surfaces are not problematic, but why will the final indoor air test still be substandard? According to the survey to understand that consumers buy furniture or select plates, to consider the space area, paint use, furniture use and cloth decoration, such as the use of the more materials, the more likely to cause the amount of the stack of harmful gases in the unit area, the greater the release of, such indoor air environmental protection is worse, if the unit area of a material accumulation of excessive, may cause the region harmful gases exceeded, so the decoration in full consideration of practicality, but also to minimize the use of materials, In order to effectively control the release of harmful gases, if you must use a large amount of materials, then each piece of material environmental performance will be stricter.

It is understood that many brands now emphasize the use of foreign imports of plates, this increase a lot of costs. After the market cools, many manufacturers return the domestic plates.

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