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Plastic Furniture Maintenance Methods

- Apr 19, 2017-

1, PVC furniture easy aging, brittle crack, only in indoor use, not for outdoor. Direct sunlight and proximity to stoves and radiators should be avoided. If there is rupture can be used after the iron and soft bonding, but also with the banana water and PVC unqualified dissolved into glue bonding.

2, polypropylene furniture light, oil, good chemical solvent performance, but poor hardness, should prevent collisions and tip hard scratches, if cracks can be repaired by hot melt, no glue can be sticky.

3, FRP furniture of the performance of good, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is long life, rugged, but not easy to repair damage, can be used screws and gaskets to repair joints. It should be used to prevent the loading and accidental fracturing and scratch.

4, plastic furniture can be used to wash the ordinary detergent, pay attention to do not encounter hard things, without metal brush wash. Frequent washing, sunscreen can keep plastic furniture for a long time.

5, artificial leather, synthetic leather, soft leather furniture, fear of heat, fear of sunshine, fear of freezing, fear of oil, can not be placed in the bathroom, kitchen use. Should be used to clean soft cloth cleaning. If the dirt heavier, usable cloth with neutral detergent wipe, and then use the twist dry wet cloth wipe, then use dry cloth wipe dry, in artificial leather, synthetic leather face furniture cover cloth cover, such as sofa cover, chair sleeve can prolong service life.

6, plastic veneer furniture do not be exposed to direct sunlight and the local vertical pressure, heated, to prevent the adhesion of the laminate veneer swelling, degumming. Also to prevent local thump, cutting cracking. Cushions the substrate of the furniture is more than fibreboard, easily damp swelling, separation, to pay special attention to waterproof and moisture-proof. Can be coated on the substrate, that is, the opposite side of the veneer 2-layer varnish moisture. If found the veneer and its substrate, should first combine with banana water or xylene cleaning, and then use contact adhesive paste restoration, after glue dry, and then in the joint seam with clear varnish closed. White latex is not resistant to water, not suitable for pasting plates.

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