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The advantages and disadvantages of plastic furniture

- Apr 19, 2017-

It is understood that plastic furniture is increasingly popular abroad. Especially in Europe, plastic furniture is particularly popular with many young people, they like to decorate their small home into a minimalist style, with colorful plastic transparent furniture to make the room bright. From the recent years of Milan International Furniture Show we can feel the return of the trend of plastic furniture, plastic furniture will also shine in our country market.

Plastics are the chameleon in the material, can be hot and cold, can be hard and soft, can have morphological memory, can be structured and the quality is very light; can be thin to only Egypt (One-one hundred millonth cm) unit, can be thick to meter to do units; can be very smooth or rough; Plastic furniture than wood or metallic materials made of furniture, malleable, can be processed into any shape, at the same time it is rich in color, with other furniture clever collocation, can play the role of beautification bedroom.

The most important, plastic furniture can be recycled, to minimize the environmental pollution, which attaches importance to environmental protection and the quality of life of the modern people, is undoubtedly a major advantage, so more and more furniture, designers and manufacturers of attention.

Some excellent designers will be their avantgarde design concept penetrates into the design of plastic furniture, the furniture's practical function and aesthetic function perfectly combined, presenting to us, not only is the necessities of life, but also has ornamental value of art. Plastic furniture represents, not only cheap, but unique, elegant taste and new life taste, visible plastic furniture prospects are very expected.

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