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Wooden furniture to buy five look

- Apr 19, 2017-

Wooden furniture has been favored by consumers, and wooden furniture is divided into solid wood furniture, wood-based panels furniture and comprehensive furniture, purchase should pay attention to recognition.

Solid wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture is divided into all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood veneer furniture. All solid wood furniture materials, in addition to mirror backplane and layering, all are solid wood sawn timber and solid wood plates, surface finishing usually with clear varnish. The main components of solid wood furniture use solid wood sawn timber and solid wood plates, surface non-coated material. Surface finishing materials usually use varnish. The minor parts, such as the drawer's backplane and cabinet, are used for man-made panels. The main components of solid wood veneer furniture are solid wood sawn timber and solid wood plates, but the use of solid wood materials have defects, on the surface affixed a layer of solid wood veneer or veneer.

Wood-based panels furniture

Wood-based panel furniture is made of man-made panels for the main components of furniture. Wood-based panels for furniture are generally required to paste skin, sticker materials have wooden skin, wood paper skin, melamine impregnated paper, fire boards and so on. Office furniture and civil furniture are usually veneer with thin wooden skins.

Comprehensive Furniture

The main components of synthetic furniture are solid wood and wood-based panels materials, supplemented by other materials, in the appearance of solid wood furniture and man-made panels have a significant difference.

When purchasing wooden furniture, we should start with the following five aspects:

1. Look at the material. A look at the wood grain, solid wood material front, end face and back of the wood-grain connection has certain regularity and characteristics, with the sticker of the wood is not the same. Second listen to sound, tapping the board with the finger, solid wood plate sound thick, clear. Wood-based panels sound tightness. Three smell, solid wood furniture without irritating odor, wood-based panels furniture, especially low-level wood materials have a pungent eye feeling.

2. Look at the structure. Check the structure of furniture is reasonable, mainly depends on whether the furniture is sturdy and reliable. For example, in the top of the cabinet push push hard, if the wardrobe does not shake does not twist, the overall rigidity of the cabinet is good, reasonable structure.

3. Look at the craft. Qualified furniture production process fine, smooth surface finishing, colorless and bad, no defects. The components are tightly coupled and firmly connected. Leaf door formation without warping distortion, doors and drawer joints evenly consistent, not greater than 2 mm. The edge of the panel furniture must be tight, firm and flat.

4. See environmental protection. Qualified furniture has no pungent flavor and spicy eye sensation. New factory furniture, there is a faint "paint flavor", this smell is containing toxic substances of volatile coatings. After the film is dried, it smells less. Some furniture can smell thick "paint flavor", it is likely to use non-environmental coatings.

5. Look at the accompanying text information. Furniture products must have clear signs and instructions, do not forget to obtain the accompanying text information.

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