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The cleaning and maintenance of the chair

- Nov 06, 2017-

How to extend the life of the chair, clean and maintain, below, let's see how to clean and maintain it.

1. Clean the surface of the chair with water and detergent. Chair, the use of plastic, general is hard, so water and detergent can clean very clean, for in the chair with 1:99 detergent for cleaning can be, as for the bar chair, you should use each went disinfection liquid medicine disinfected and cleaned, because of the bar chair will come into contact with many different people every day, it will be very dirty.

2. Take care of your work. As stated above, bayi will contact with many different people every day, each person's posture and weight is different, so the chair may be more easily damaged, if it not regular check, there is likely to be a day, which who sat upon it, was suddenly rolled down.

See if your chair is dirty, if it's broken, if it is, deal with it.

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