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The maintenance and cleaning of the dining chair

- Nov 06, 2017-

The maintenance of wooden dining chair

1. If it is scratched, the colored wooden dining table and chair can use the dye to make a complementary action in the scratch. After the dye dries, the upper layer of the wax will be evenly applied.
2. The color of the wooden dining chair is damaged by the soup or other things. It can be used to clean up the dirt with hot cloth, and then repair it with the dye. The part of the cortex should remove the dirt first, then use the special dye. The part of the cloth is stained with a brush with a concentration of 5% soapy water, brush away the dirty parts, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Use the wood floor repair fluid, also can remove the slight scratches on the desk and chair easily.

Plastic dining chair maintenance
1. Stained by oil stain, can be washed with washing powder, but it is not suitable to use alkaline soap and solvents to prevent the plastic total plastic agent from being destroyed, causing the plastic to become hard and brittle; Or the swelling of some plastics causes the product to be damaged.
2. Do not wash with boiling water, avoid deformation, avoid contact with acid, alkali, alcohol, gasoline, etc., so as to avoid chemical changes.

The cleaning of the dining chair
1. The dining chair is easy to be stained with lampblack, the user should be diligent to wipe, in order to reduce the dust to attach, easy to clean later.
2. In order to avoid the oil pollution, it is difficult to remove it. Use the chair cover to protect your love chair. When you are accidentally dirty, you simply remove the cover of the chair and clean it, which is convenient and easy, and it does not hurt the dining chair.
3. Use less water when cleaning, and wipe with a mild detergent cloth on a regular basis, then wipe dry and polished with a clean soft cloth.
4. Clean the table and chairs of the table. You can paint with honey, brush the dirty stuff in the fine seam, and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

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