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Be careful when customizing outdoor furniture in summer

- Feb 02, 2018-

At present, custom outdoor furniture has become the market trend of more popular and personalized, and building materials supermarkets and some furniture brands in the pipeline products are different, because it was made before, so the size of the furniture, size, materials, technology And anti-corrosion treatment and other sectors there is a big difference.

It is understood that the pros and cons of raw materials, furniture, the final price of the greatest impact, usually selected as a substrate for pine, wood and surface carbonized wood solid structure, good bearing, affordable, but more easy to deformation and cracking. The homogeneous carbonized wood after high temperature heat treatment, reducing the moisture absorption of wood, high stability, corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation and cracking, but the weakened bearing capacity, the price is also high.

Relevant experts suggested that according to their own circumstances choose the right material, do not choose, outdoor furniture is the pursuit of the natural and the original ecology, the shape is usually more rough, primitive, and indoor furniture commonly used patterns or engraving is also rare. At this point, the furniture shape, radian and corner of the production process becomes the standard of its refined or not, therefore, this pass can not be ignored. Inseparable from the wind and the sun is the fate of outdoor furniture, if you want to have a "strong physique" and "withstand the appearance of the storm," antiseptic and pest control must be in place, or it is empty.

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